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Un témoignage de l’émergence de la Silicon Valley française Le premier ministre française Édouard Philippe assiste au Forum Mondial de l’Électronique 2017 à Angers

  Le 22ème Forum Mondial de l’Électronique (WEF) a eu lieu du 24 au 28 octobre à Angers, France. Depuis 1995, des entreprises du secteur électronique de partout à travers le monde se réunissent...


Witness to Birth of French ‘Silicon Valley’ —— French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe Attends 2017 WEF Angers

The 22nd World Electronics Forum (WEF) was successfully held from October 24th to 28th (local time) in Angers, France. Since 1995, the WEF has been held regularly by electronics industry associations of different countries and regions worldwide. This was...


The tunnel takes you personally on the scene A large number of onlookers attracted by the moving magazine ——CES Asia 2017, opened in Shanghai, the world’s first consumer electronics AR magazine born

Still remember Daily Prophet in the Harry Potter movies? When people in the movie opened the magic newspaper, the characters in the newspaper immediately moved, and the static two -dimensional pictures became dynamic three-dimensional. The audience at that...